How to Claim

  1. Purchase any Gillette Product at a Woolworths store during the promotional period Wednesday 23rd October 2019 and Tuesday 3rd December 2019.
  1. During the Redemption Period, visit, click on 'ENTER NOW' and follow the prompts and instructions on the website.

    Submit your claim no later than 10th December 2019.
  1. Input and provide all requested details. Ensure that the image of your receipt clearly shows the purchase date, receipt number and Gillette product purchased. You may need to fold your receipt so that all details are captured in your image.
  1. A weekly draw will be conducted throughout the course of the promotion. Winners will be notified via SMS and email. Winners must select their gift within 2 weeks of being notified (please see terms and conditions for more detail).
  1. Follow the prompts in your email to select your gift. Game dates and locations can be found in our FAQ's. If you exceed the 2-week time period to select your preferred game, your will forfeit your right to the prize.
  1. For any customer queries, email us at:
    or call 1300 881 192